Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GSoC 2011 GUI Overhaul: Generic Iconic Dashboard

Hi everyone,

This week I need to post remaining patches, especially the generic iconic dashboard. I just posted early so I can have much time iterating the review process and hopefully got the patches submitted this week. The generic dashboard class is now placed in app/soc/views/ It contains the underlying view base for iconic dashboard. Every nested-iconic-dashboard should be inherited from Dashboard class. You can take a loot at, and views to get the idea how to use Dashboard class. Now all related base dashboard templates were placed in v2/soc/dashboard directory. It contains the base.html and _user_action.html. All stylesheet rules should be defined inside v2/gsoc/dashboard.css.

There were changes on the melange.list and melange.dependency JS after refactoring the dashboard. The changes were to hold the lists to be queued and executed when the lists were rendered inside the dashboard. After applying the changes, I run the test and it broke in the I figure out the case immediately, should be the assertTemplate. Yeah, there were some templates removed and added. After fixing the test, I post all the patches and ping Daniel. I hope I can run fast for the review process ;)

Monday, August 15, 2011

GSoc 2011 : Melange Testing Project CP W12 Last Week


Only a week is left for GSoC to end and I need to finish testing all the important views as soon as possible. I had been working on views.org_profile, profile_show, accepted_orgs, proposal_review, duplicates and proposal_review this week. Testing views is turning out to be a little more involved and complicated task as compared to testing the logic. I got stuck at some places and so could not submit them for review. I had thought that I would be able to finish the views much earlier and start functional testing but I was not fast enough and also I could not devote 10+ hours per day during the weekends as I had promised in the proposal due to heavy course work, classes and personal issues.

      I will be trying to commit as much tests as possible in this week and work on the remaining tests after GSoC. I aim to work on functional testing and buildbot after GSoC. Lets hope for the best :).

GSoC 2011 GUI Overhaul: What's Left

Hi everyone,

The GSoC 2011 program will end shortly. Last week I was working on the account management, assign host, adding evaluation group and dashboard. There's a problem with Django test client that I couldn't figure out. The handler always treat as regular dict for every requests (in my case via POST) made from Django test client. Since in validate method there's a line that expect QueryDict instance, by calling getlist method'assign_program'), the test always fail. Maybe I missed something here, so I read the code from Django that comes along with Google App Engine SDK. It took me two days or more to trace this problem. I don't think we should remove getlist from the handler nor hacking the django test client. So, I left the test ATM and move to another to do list, that's it, the dashboard.

The dashboard will be moved to soc/views/helpers/ and the code itself is self explanatory:
class Dashboard(Template):

"""Base dashboard for admin page

def __init__(self, request, data, subpages=None):
"""Initializes the dashboard.

request: The HTTPRequest object
data: The RequestData object
subpages: Subpages of current dashboard
self.request = request = data
self.subpages = subpages

def getSubpagesLink(self):
"""Returns the link to other dashboard that appears
on top of the dashboard.
return self.subpages

def templatePath(self):
"""Returns the path to the template that should be used in render()
return 'v2/modules/gsoc/dashboard/dashboard.html'

def _divideSubPages(self, subpages):
"""Returns the subpages divided into two columns.
middle_ceil = int(math.ceil(float(len(subpages))/2))

return [

The templates is improved to be able to handle list components that we have seen from regular dashboard. I hope the patch will be posted for reviewing process lately this week and pushed before the program ends.