Monday, July 4, 2011

GCI 2011 GCI with New Architecture

Hello all,

Apologies for the late blog post.This week I have started off with the url patterns for GCI and Lennard suggested that I move the common functions to the core and leave the GCI related constants in that module and I have done that.I then went onto the GCITask view but before that I had to add another method to the access_checker to check if the task is published or not but looks like, I still need to modify this method a bit to include other cases too.I still have to retrieve work submissions for the Task view and form to edit the task and to subscribe the task.And me and Madhu had a small discussion about the templates and we decided to use the gsoc templates for now and make modifications where needed and use gsoc's css and JS till we get the designs.Meanwhile my other patches have been reviewed.First I had to refactor the gsoc redirects module, as many of the redirects are moved to the core and some methods have to be overridden to set the _url_name.And I was asked to make a little change to the gsoc access_checker as it's DeveloperAccessChecker should also inherit from AccessChecker, and the same was done to the gci access_checker too.Made required changes to the other patches as mentioned.I haven't spent enough time last week, as I had to help a Professor with his coursework and I really could not avoid it, I discussed with him today and took permission till the end of August, So I will cover up this week and will spend extra time on my project.

GSoC 2011 Melange Testing Project: CP W6

In the last conference call, I reported my problems to Sverre that most of my time is spent on reading the code itself and that I had problems in deciding about the use cases when writing tests. My productivity has been very low till now and I have written atmost two tests per week. This week I worked hard and I have written tests for all the modules in gsoc.logic and soc.logic except three modules. Though the tests are under review and they need drastic improvements, I have now become comfortable in deciding about the use cases and writing tests. I had a discussion with Leo and he told that I was unnecessarily using DjangoTestCase. I can use seeder_logic and inherit my test classes from unittest.TestCase and this will improve the performance and speed. I was using DjangoTestCase to avoid instantiating the GSoCOrganization, GSoCTimeline and other entities which I could use directly when inherited from DjangoTestCase. But seeder_logic is more useful and its also used in DjangoTestCase. So, I corrected the test for and used seeder_logic to seed the entities and it was working fine.
I tested a total of 8 modules in this week and the coverage has increased by 4%. The present coverage of the tests in my local copy is 70%. The coverage will increase more when I write tests for the soc.views. 

My work for this week is to correct the previous tests, test the remaining three modules in gsoc.logic and soc.logic and then start the view tests.I hope to finish all the logic tests before the mid-term evaluations.

PS: Mercurial queues are AWESOME. Salute and gratitude to the guy who wrote that extension. :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

GSoC 2011 GUI Overhaul: Typical PA Workflow and Admin Dashboard Usage

Hi everyone,

A week ago I asked Madhu about the typical workflow for PA (Program Admin). Madhu was so kind to explain the workflow for PA. I'll summarize the workflow and usage of admin dashboard by the PA. The followings are ordered things that should be done by PA to organize the GSoC program:
  1. Initialize the program settings such as program name, document page, or timeline of the program. These settings already provided by and views.
  2. Invite organizations to participate.
  3. Create the organization application survey. I believe this is related to what Madhu's did for survey with form builder. I can easily add the url inside the new admin dashboard to refer to the form builder.
  4. PA and her team discuss the organization selection internally.
  5. Accepted organization announced. I don't know yet if there's a view or task to accept organization.
  6. Student signup period. Students begin submitting proposals to organizations.
  7. PA can assign slot in this time or before the accepted projects announced. There's a view for slot assignment.
  8. PA can check the duplicate proposal. There's a view to trigger the duplicate proposals' task queue. This queue will iterate each proposals and filter the proposals by the same student that would be accepted by two or more organizations. The resolution was done manually by gathering a meeting.
  9. PA can check slot transfer by organization and accept/ignore the request of transfer by org admin. There's a view for this.
  10. After all organizations solve the duplication status and agree with the given slots. PA can trigger the accept_proposals' task queue. There's a view to trigger accept_proposals queue.
  11. PA creates survey for mentors and students. There's a survey builder committed by Madhu.
  12. PA freeze the program after the final term.
I don't know yet what the task needed by the PA after creating the survey. But the typical workflow should be like the list I mentioned above.