Thursday, May 19, 2011

GSoC 2011 Melange Testing Project : CBP

About one week is left for the start of the official coding period. I have been unable to concentrate much on my project as there were end-semester exams till 13th May and after that I was busy in packaging all the stuff as we have to empty our rooms before going for the summer vacations. I played with my ACM account and explored all the facilities that I could make use of. I found many good books related to programming in the Online Books section. It would have been great if there were more video tutorials available for the students from those which are available for professional members.
I had a meeting with my mentor Leo on 16th May and we discussed about the project and I have set coding plans for the first three weeks during the official coding period. I will start with the tests for soc.logic which require a basic knowledge of Django and GAE. Leo suggested reusing the old tests and making changes according to the new framework.
I have not much to write as I have not done anything significant. I have settled down now and seriously started working on the project today. My next post would be more concrete and specific.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Integration with external APIs - Getting Ready for Coding

There is about one week for official coding starts period and i'm preparing myself for it. As i stated at my timeline i won't be able to work on project or rarely work between May 25 - June 10 due to my final exams at university. Then i will be free to work day n night at summer.

I made my first commit to Melange - added a new unit tests for "accept_proposals" task - despite some trouble while commiting it. This was exciting :) Last week i started to work on my project. Created a playground instance [0], created a wiki page for tracking progress [1]. Live instance for now just have a model for storing exported documents' IDs and names. I need to create a view right now to list them and another one to add some test data through Data Seeder. These will help me to learn Melange's jqgrid lists and Data Seeder.

This weeks plan for me until next Thursday:

  • Create a view that uses Data Seeder to add sample data, or integrate it with /seed_db
  • Create a view that lists these documents through Melange lists.
  • Plan and achieve a meeting with my mentor (Mario).
  • Get ready to start coding.