Sunday, May 1, 2011

GSoC 2011: Google Code-In with new architecture

Hello Everyone!
I'm the last one to introduce myself here, had exams last week so sorry about that.And I'm Selwyn Jacob from India, one of the Summer of Code Student's for Melange this year.I'm doing my Computer Science Engineering in GITAM University and I have always been Inspired and Amazed by the Free and Open Source World.Google Summer of Code has been my dream and I just cant believe that I'm living it, I'm just too happy to put it into words and this is just the start and I have a long way ahead to go.

My Project is to port the Google Code-In module to the new Architecture.Google Code-In is a contest to introduce pre-university students to the many kinds of contributions like writing Code,Documentation,Outreach etc that make open source software development possible. The GSoC module has undergone a major re-write this year, the UI and the Views layer have completely been changed and the same has to be reflected for the Google Code-In module too and this is the focus of this project.I would like to thank Madhu and Sverre for helping me out right from the first day and welcoming me to the community.They have answered all my noob-ish questions and guided me with patience, so many thanks to them.This week I will be going through the current GCI code, the wiki pages and discuss the plan with my Mentor Madhu and Co-Mentor Lenny.
Looking forward for a great learning and contributing experience this summer and be a part of Melange Community :)