Monday, August 2, 2010

GSoC 2010 Melange Testing Project: Week 10 of the Coding Period

In this week, I worked on some ghop modules with low coverage, e.g. soc.modules.ghop.tasks.task_update and soc.modules.ghop.logic.models.task and managed to increase the testing coverage of Melange to 57%. About the problem that there is no api proxy stub available for service "taskqueue", I found that there is one taskqueue_stub in google.appengine.api.labs.taskqueue, so I registered it to 'taskqueue' service with apiproxy_stub_map.apiproxy.RegisterStub in the testing environment. However, it ( raises another error, "raise self.__TranslateError(e.application_error, e.error_detail) UnknownQueueError" which is a bit strange. This is the reason why I have not yet checked in the task testing code.

In the next week, in addition to solve the above error and increase the testing coverage of Melange to over 60%, I will also try to find a good way to test the mailing and taskqueueing functions and make sure the correct mail has been sent out and the correct task has been scheduled.

Document Editor: Week 10

As I've already mentioned in the previous post, there was a problem with versioning more then one property of the model. Daniel proposed to store necessary fields as a JSON-formatted dictionary. On tuesday I reimplemented RevisionContent model and several logic methods to support new architecture. Document model, logic and view were refactored too.

Then I started to implement revision control for StudentProposal model. There were several minor issues, but everything is fine now. Revision control for student proposal is almost fully functional now (diff template and delete logic are left). New version of Melange was uploaded to my GAE instance.

On tuesday I plan to finish revisions for student proposals and start implementing auto-saving feature.