Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Melange Functional Testing


This week i worked  on writing a temporary script to start the server and seed_db automatically on giving command $bin/run-tests tests/functional and starts execution of functional tests. The data store file is also saved in a temporary location so that functional tests do not overwrite the local data store. I also worked on planning test scripts for:
GSOC Events  & Timeline Page.
GSoC Proposal Page.
GCI tasks Page.
Connect With Us Page.
GCI Events and Timeline
GCI Home Page
GCI Search Page.
FAQ page.

Next week i will work on creating specific test cases on the remaining scripts as mentioned in my proposal timeline.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Improvements and Git Chaos

Hey all,

So in light of the recent Midterm Evaluations (and I'm still here, woot!) I haven't been very active with updating my branch in anticipation of a wave of feedback and suggested changes that I would need to make to be able to commit anything else. That said I got some feedback on things I needed to change in the connection module today and immediately applied them, mostly style issues but a couple of fixes including removing a gratuitous query and adding inheritance for the ConnectionForm. I had done this originally but it was clumsy and I ditched it, but it's a lot prettier now.

In keeping up with my timeline [0] I added a query in the connection module to essentially rate-limit the number of existing pending connections a User is allowed to have in order to try and prevent spamming. A user can have no more than three existing Connections without response for an org admin at a time, at which point they are prevented from creating any more. I've also been sketching up and thinking about how to add comments to the ShowConnection page in order to make it easier for users and org admins to communicate. It's likely going to almost identical to that of the proposal_review module and its pages since I like that format, but it's a work in progress.

I spent a good amount of time wrestling with my working directory in git since I remembered that I would not be able to make fast-forward commits once I reset my changes on connection_demo to master so that I could update the branch and then apply the connection templates and associated models. I should probably have merged the connection_demo branch back with my backup branch and then made my changes, but instead I added them on top of the existing chaotic working directory and threw a whole new headache into the mix. So what I did was end up branching off master and then applying all of these new changes in a nice super commit, so sorry about that to anyone who is fundamentally disturbed by my actions.

I don't think I shared my updated timeline with the development list correctly so I changed its permission settings, so you guys should be able to check it out now.

[0] Drew's Melange Timeline