Monday, May 21, 2012

GSoC 2012 : Extension and Integration with External APIs : Introduction


I am Aditi Mittal,  a 2012 Google Summer of Code student working with Melange community. It has been four weeks since the GSoC result came out but I had been quite busy with exams so couldn’t remain active, thanks to Mario for keeping his cool ( ^__^ ).

I want to thank a zillion time to Madhusudan for his continuous guidance and help since the time I started with Melange and Orcun for walking me through his code which I will be extending during the summers. Every time I talk to Melange people I learn a new thing from them. This will be my first major contribution to open source community so I am very excited about it.

After getting free from exams I asked Mario for jQuery and Javascript books. I started with The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford and Javascript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan and for jQuery I am reading jQuery Cookbook by Cody Lindley.

During the summers I will enhance melange user interface by adding new features such as shipment tracking, proposal syncing and data export to other formats other than CSV export of melange lists. I will also be adding Picker API functionality. Carol must be liking it :-) .

I attended the G+ hangouts(Melange conference call) and it was a unique experience talking to all the Melange members. It was like all of us were sitting in one room and discussing the project.

Talking to very experienced and supporting mentors has already strengthened my morale.
I will talk to Orcun for better understanding of his code and Mario to give the project a real start.

I can’t keep myself less excited as this going to be one of the most productive summer of my  life!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Melange Functional Testing

Hi everyone, my name is Syed Armani. This summer i will be working with Melange community as a student  under Google Summer of Code.

I am  very happy that i am working with melange community this summer. Its a pleasure to work with people like Chong Liu, Sverre, Lennard, Madhu, Mario and many others. Madhu is a very nice person and Lennard is always there when you need help. Leo is a great guy and i am thankful to him that he chose me for this project. Till now i have not got enough chance to speak with other members of the community, i hope to meet them soon and  I really love the cool t-shirts that Sverre and Lennard wear in G+ Hangouts.

This summer i will be working on creating a  Data Driven Framework for Functional Testing of  Melange. A test suite consisting of all the possible test cases covering all the possible scenarios of using melange application. Test scripts for executing the test cases will be written in python and executed using Selenium Webdriver. The proposed test suite of functional tests will consist of Test cases and test data, User actions and assertions in Python, Data parametrization, Headless (xvfb) mode , Screenshots on errors.

I will write test scripts for various scenarios as "user stories".  A story depicting how a user interact with GSoC and GCI apps. We will use xlrd module to read the cells of excel sheet, these cells will contain the unique identity of the objects present in the application as well as there values, The values will be taken from the cells and they will be used to fill the forms. Assert statements will check the presence of various error messages, headings, title and text present on the pages.  Test output can be displayed to the console or saved as an HTML report. If any of the test fails a screen shot will be taken on failure to see where the test failed.

Functional test cases will be included for both GSoC & GCI applications:

GSoC:  Melange Home Page, Student Registration Page, Mentor Registration Page, Login Page, My Profile Page, My Dashboard Page, About Page, Events and Timeline Page, Connect With Us Page, Search Page, FAQ page.

GCI:  Home Page, My Dashboard, Register As Student, Events and Timeline,  The official Leader board, Tasks Page, Login, Invites to me