Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Melange Functional Testing


This week i worked on creating a results directory feature for tests results. After every test case executes it takes a screenshot and save it in results directory with the test case name , works for both scenarios when a individual test case is executed or entire test suite is run. Also i worked to implement one more suggestion by Leo, i.e. Removing xpath locator's from the test case config wherever id of the web element is available.

I am reading a lot more these days about features provided by the python standard library and incorporating more features from it to the existing framework. I will continue to implement suggestions by Leo and also on some new features or test cases.

I really enjoy a lot working with melange and i enjoyed all this time i worked on framework. I felt happy every time i saw a test case ran successfully. It is fun to see functional tests executing. Leo is a really great guy, he helped me whenever i needed his help. I am really thankful to him for his valuable suggestions from time to time and his help on various aspects of my work. Also i am very thankful to Lennard for his code reviews and his help in improving the entire framework.

These three months i worked with you people were really awsome. Now I work harder than i used to do, I am more confident than i used to be. THANKS A TON  for everything :)

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