Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Melange Functional Testing


This week i worked on things like removing the need to specify manually whether we are identifying an element by xpath or id, instead let the modules do it for you. This was one of the suggestions from Leo which i implemented this week. Apart from that i worked on killing the server as soon as test case has finished execution although some minor changes can be made to it in course of time.

Also i fixed the clear function in seed_db.py and started to make changes in seed_db so that it fits my need. Now seed_db in my branch first clear the already present data in the datastore and after that it seed the datastore. Changes were also made to all the test cases so that they fit in with the changes in base module. Next week i am planning to add some more features to the existing framework.

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  1. I was having a chat with my friend who is a beginner in testing. He was sharing his problem with me on how to initiate testing. Although there are many books and articles on theories and concepts of testing but there is no help or information available on how to start testing and how a tester should proceed with the same. This is one excellent article you put together.

    also if you do not mind here is another article which talks about the basic steps of functional testing:

    Basic steps of Functional Testing

    Hope this will also help.